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Corina Arama

Corina is a Program Manager on the Outlook team.

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New Notifications pane in Outlook helps you stay on task

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Stay on top of your work and life with the Notifications pane, which offers customizable alerts that are relevant to you—including email and document @mentions, travel updates, and more!

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Sending accessible emails in Outlook for Windows

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Check out several improvements that will make sending accessible emails to a wide variety of audiences easier.

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Assign tasks with @mentions in Excel

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Conveniently create and assign tasks using @mentions directly within your worksheets in Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac.

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Check Performance in Excel for the web

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Try out Check Performance, a new Excel for the web feature that detects unneeded formatting that could be slowing down your workbook performance.

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Facilitate collaboration by assigning tasks in Word

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Assign tasks in Word to team members and facilitate collaboration by adding @mentions in comments and flagging tasks they need to complete.

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