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Eleanor Huynh

Eleanor is a Product Manager on the PowerPoint team. She is passionate about making PowerPoint a delightful tool to enable everyone—anytime, anywhere—to tell their story! In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, browsing farmers’ markets, and knitting her own fashion items.

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Stay in line with gridlines in PowerPoint for Mac

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Want your next presentation on the Mac to look more professional? It's a snap with gridlines, a popular Windows feature that we've now brought to PowerPoint for Mac.

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Feedback in action: Unhide slides in PowerPoint

Feedback in action

We heard you! We've made it easier to see the status of a slide and, depending on its status, either hide or unhide it as needed.

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Assign tasks with @mentions in Excel

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Conveniently create and assign tasks using @mentions directly within your worksheets in Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac.

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Check Performance in Excel for the web

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Try out Check Performance, a new Excel for the web feature that detects unneeded formatting that could be slowing down your workbook performance.

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Facilitate collaboration by assigning tasks in Word

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Assign tasks in Word to team members and facilitate collaboration by adding @mentions in comments and flagging tasks they need to complete.

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