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Margie Clinton

Margie Clinton is a Group Product Manager on the Outlook team. Her work focuses on building communication and time management tools and experiences that help people stay on top of their work, school, and personal lives.

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The new Outlook for Windows helps you be more productive and in control of your inbox

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Want to be productive and collaborate more efficiently? Try the new Outlook for Windows!

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Assign tasks with @mentions in Excel

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Conveniently create and assign tasks using @mentions directly within your worksheets in Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac.

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Check Performance in Excel for the web

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Try out Check Performance, a new Excel for the web feature that detects unneeded formatting that could be slowing down your workbook performance.

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Facilitate collaboration by assigning tasks in Word

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Assign tasks in Word to team members and facilitate collaboration by adding @mentions in comments and flagging tasks they need to complete.

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