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Microsoft Forms: Your Invitation Design Solution

Feature deep dive
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Hello, Microsoft 365 Insiders! I’m Aaron Liu, a Product Manager on the Forms team. My team and I have been hard at work, leveraging AI, to help you create unforgettable invitations (and tracking responses) for next event – whether it is a cozy dinner by the fireplace or by the pool, or a life event such as a wedding or a graduation party.

Microsoft Forms: Your Invitation Design Solution

When you are ready to plan your next event, the winning combination of Microsoft Forms and AI, is there to ensure that sending invitations is a breeze.

With a plethora of themes and cover pages at your disposal, all you need to input are the important details such as date, time, location. You can also choose to add background music to put your guests in the mood and hint at what’s to come.

Invitation draft

How it works

  1. Go to template collections and choose Holiday party invitation
  2. Click the Start to edit button to modify the invitation as you want. 

NOTE: You can also upload pictures from your device or search results from to refine your cover page design.   

Background music dialog box

  1. To add music, slide the Background music toggle, and select the option you’d like to use from the list.
  2. To add questions to your invitation, click Add New and select the type of question you want to ask.

Question types

      5. Enter the needed information, and add pictures, if you’d like.


  1. To send the invitation, click the Collect responses button in the top right corner of the window, and choose the option that best suits your needs – copy a link, send via Outlook or Teams, generate a QR code, or send via Facebook and Twitter (consumers accounts only).

Send and collect responses page

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Can I send the form to external audience?  

YES. You can now send your form to both internal and external email addresses at the same time.  

  • How can I easily set up a form for only specific people in my organization can reply? 

When you enter the recipients’ email addresses in the To box, they will be automatically added to the Specific people in my organization can respond list in on the Send and collect responses page. You no longer need to enter recipients’ names twice! 


This feature is available to all Business and Education subscribers.  

Customer feedback  

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us: